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Strategies with simulation


Pilots practice in flight simulators. Generals plan in war games. Engineers build in silico first.


Isn't it time you started testing your strategy before going to market?


See below for a few examples of how others have implemented the technology.

Nielsen evaluates Their Clients' strategies before implementation

Nielsen uses Concentric to test the impact of marketing plans on brand metrics like perceptions and consideration and outcomes like sales and ROI.


“Concentric incorporates science that is industry-leading (agent based modeling), which in our opinion, is the best suited to understand how to strategically leverage opportunities and investments in a marketplace that is becoming more (not less) complex.” 

- Elizabeth Ausman, Vice President, Advertising Effectiveness Solutions, Nielsen

Havas MEdia Optimizes by Understanding consumer and media interactions

Whether it is a fast-moving consumer good, a luxury product, an airline, or financial service, Havas Media uses Concentric to provide journey- and segment-specific recommendations to their clients.


“Our clients need more than insight. They demand that we turn insight into daily action. They require us to consider real-time and long-term consequences. Concentric helps us deliver on those needs with analytics that include individual and aggregate data, sales and brand metrics, and paid and earned media.” 

- Arnaud Parent, President, Havas Media Labs

TELECOM ITALIA Forecasts SAles and Brand metrics SIMULTANEOUSLY

Concentric helps Telecom Italia measure the trade-offs between acquiring new subscribers and protecting brand equity during a re-branding effort. 


sales and perception forecast.png

"Concentric is the only system that forecasts all metrics within a single model and allows a trade-off analysis between multiple objectives." 

- Massimiliano Spaziani Brunella, Branding, Corporate Identity, and Research, Telecom Italia


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